Meet the CEO

What is your name?

D. Ware but my mother calls me Demetrion (Pronounced: Dee-Mee-Tree-Yon).  

What is your background?

Its actually not hair LOL. I was a Computer Programmer/Business I.T. Consultant for about 20 years before starting KeraVada.

No Shade sir but, How does a computer programmer get into hair products? 

Well, thats a little complicated... I guess I can simplify that answer by saying it must be God.

We Love your products what is the next product we can expect from KeraVada?

Currently Im working on an edge control that doesnt get hard or flake and actually grows edges.  I also plan on releasing a deep conditioner soon and I have dreams of starting a product line for Kids.  (As I reminisce on my "Big Momma" combing all 6 of our hair with a fork and cold water because we hid all of the combs! LOL)  Hopefully the next time you ask your kid for the comb they may be able to find it. (smile)