Why is KeraVada "NOT" in Walmart? Because KeraVada Supports Black Business...

Posted by Office of the CEO on 7th Jun 2016

Many Customers have asked why has a company so successful as KeraVada chosen not to pursue opportunities to be in stores such as Walmart.  Here is why...

When I started KeraVada Inc. I began to talk to many African American owned natural hair retailers around the country about how they were doing within their markets.  This is typical due to my solicitation of these companies to carry our product line in their stores.  To my surprise, many of these companies were struggling to survive due to fierce competition through mammoth stores such as Walmart.  While I do think Walmart has its place in our community it has been found that companies like Walmart tend to power out the smaller organizations, making it hard to compete in such a monopolized marketplace.  

When companies such as Walmart monopolize the retail environment, the needs of the Black consumer may tend to go unmet.  The smaller retailer is usually an African American that has a good understanding of "Our" consumer wants and needs in the marketplace and is willing to provide this by means of products that fit "Us" and who "We" are.  While I must concede that stores like Walmart can fit our needs, it still does not leave room for those of us who would like a catered boutique experience with someone who knows "Our" hair. 

It is our mission to empower the smaller retailer to continue to prosper in "Black" business by providing exclusivity to these non "BigBox" retailers that do not cater to our needs.  I was reading an article the other day that stated that the African American dollar cycles through the Black community no more than once.  It is my mission to change this and we are taking a small step now.  

I challenge other Black owned natural hair companies to take their products out of "Big Box" stores such as Walmart, not in protest, but in support of our community and the many small retail product boutiques that long for our dollar, thereby fostering its continued growth for our sons and daughters of today and in the future.

In conclusion, we will continue our stance of supporting African American small retailers while subsequently making sure that the KeraVada dollar continues to give back to support our communities.  Please share this so that other companies will take the same stance so that we can bring value back to our community one step at a time.

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D. Ware


KeraVada Inc.