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Yes Your Hair is Thirsty and Here's Why...

Posted by KeraVada on 5th Jun 2016

Do you find yourself dry, tangled, hard to manage kinks and curls even though you use multiple moisturizing products? The problem could be that you have low porosity hair. What does that mean for … read more

5 Steps to Start Seeing Natural Hair Growth

Posted by Jarmelia on 4th Jun 2016

Ah! The age old question, how to get amazing hair growth?. Now it’s common to hear (thankfully) women say “Black women can have long healthy hair!” but, the question is, how? With so many women toutin … read more

Understanding Low Porosity is a big step to defeating it.

Posted by Mary on 4th Jun 2016

by Emilia ObiekeaHair porosity is a key player in effectively moisturizing our hair. If you are on either end of the spectrum (low or high porosity) then you know how daunting it can seem to keep your … read more

5 Steps to make Your Natural Curls Pop

Posted by KeraVada on 4th Jun 2016

5 Steps to make Your Natural Hair Curls Pop!How many times have you finished your shower and have done all you needed to have wonderful hair to realize that once it has dried the curls that you had in … read more