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Be Careful About Your Product Choices

Be Careful About Your Product Choices

Posted by KeraVada on 18th May 2016

Ever run into a product where the label was placed ever-so nicely, but once the product was turned around you could barely pronounce the ingredients? More than likely those ingredients ended in the … read more

Use This Trick for the Perfect Frizz Free Bantu Knot Out

Posted by KeraVada on 16th Jun 2015

Bantu knots and Bantu knot-outs are a great way to showcase beautiful and lustrous natural hair! Here are the steps to create this look:Steps 1-3: Wash, Condition, and Detangle Tip: Applying a leave … read more

How to Use Ayurveda Hair Care to Maximize Hair Growth

Posted by KeraVada on 1st Jun 2015

It seems like everyone is looking for the next big thing that will help them maximize their hair growth. Growing your mane doesn’t have to be hard, but adopting a hair regimen that varies from the … read more

Easy DIY Herbal Hair Growth Remedy

Posted by KeraVada on 30th May 2015

Herbs in Ayurvedic medicine can boost hair growth, treat damaged hair, combat dryness and dandruff, and strengthen strands against breakage. Creating your own DIY oil creations based on commonly use … read more

What is Ayurveda and Why Does Dr. Oz Keep Promoting it?

Posted by KeraVada on 20th May 2015

Holistic or whole-body wellness has been pushing its way to the forefront for years as people choose to look for more natural and health-conscious ways to deal with health issues Ayurvedic medicine, … read more